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I must FTP swap Webflow Image Assets

Manually swapping out 100+ images on webflow project is a pain in the butt.

I must FTP swap images and overwrite file names. Developer says its easy just ftp and overwrite file names. I told him webflow doesn’t allow me to do that and he suggest to hook up webflow to FTP client like cyberduck (I love cyberduck) but unable to find any documentation on ftp client for webflow project.

I must convert these webflow images:
image-a.png 100kb
image-b.png 150kb

image-z.png 200kb

to these new images
image-a.png 30kb
image-b.png 50kb

image-z.png 55kb

using ftp client, not manually doing it brick by brick but in one file name overwrite swoop.]

Also please make ‘swap asset button’ mext to delete.

There is no access via ftp/sftp.

If images are in a collection you can use the api to replace them.


Where are upload > find + replace api labels please

If the collection exists, and an item exists you want to edit, you can patch it.

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