Bulk replace 300+ images?

Hey all, no read only link just a question.

Is there a way to bulk replace hundreds of images? Imagine you’re working on a massive library or templates and you want to change your logo, or an icon (whatever the case may be). Is there a way to go in an automate a bulk replacement? Even replacing the image in the asset manager would be great here.

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Not natively.

Images that are used recurringly can be deployed within components to simplify replacement throughout your site. This is usually the case for logos.

Images referenced in the CMS could theoretically be replaced en-masse through some API programming, but unless this is something that you require often, the programming work + cost is probably >= to a manual replace effort.

one of the troubles is it’s purposefully not built using CMS, any idea how to do it even with a third party solution?

I’d recommend you read the docs of whatever 3rd party solution you’re using.
Most have APIs, like Webflow’s CMS.

:thinking: I’m building in webflow, no 3rd party yet

Ah! I misunderstood your “not built using the CMS” comment.
You must mean that you’ve pulled all of those images directly into site assets?

To my knowledge there is no way to bulk replace assets, in part that’s what the CMS was designed for.