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Removing or Not Offereing Specific Product Variants

So, I’m creating a T-Shirt store on Webflow but seems that I’ve hit a rather large snag. When adding the product variants I’ve found that there are some colors my vendor does not offer in the larger and smaller shirt sizes. This means that I have to limit specific variants such as offering a XL black shirt but not 4XL black shirt. How can I do this?

I see what you mean @mikesellr. Have you thought about toggling on the “Track inventory” switch for those variants that are not possible but still in your variant list and setting the (stock) quantity to “0”? At least those options would not be purchasable which is not ideal but a fix for now as the ecommerce features are being built out?

I don’t see a Wishlist entry for this one but maybe create one?

Thanks! I thought about changing the quantity to 0 and setting it to track inventory but at that point hadn’t tested it. It works fine as a workaround but like you said not really idea. Thanks for the response though.

Per your recommendation I did also add it as a wishlist item for anyone that finds this.

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