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How is this Webflow store able to add sizes?

Here is the the link to the store

I’ve looked through the preview the designer has supplied in webflow and it doesn’t seem like there is any custom code he has added to enable size options.

I’ve added the custom size option field to the products


and I see in the navigator there are option fields already included in the default Add to Cart element


Is there a way to activate this feature that i’m missing, or do some users have access to parts of ecommerce that others don’t?

Hey @johnmillerrep

Variants haven’t been officially released yet. Maybe @Waldo can confirm if this is testing the upcoming variants or if there is custom code in the project setting.

That’s what I thought and why I was confused to see it featured in Waldo’s store.

I’m currently building a store but will need varients in place before I launch it, hopefully they will release the feature by the time i’m finished with the site.

Hey @johnmillerrep check out this current work around until variants are officially supported in Ecommerce. [Solution] Work around for Webflow Ecommerce product variants

I did think about this work around, but for my uses it would be way too much. Thanks for sharing though.

Yes, it is cumbersome for care logs with more than a few products.

Hi @johnmillerrep @matthewpmunger great question! I am testing out an alpha version of Webflow Ecommerce variants. We’re getting very close to sharing that capability in the Beta, be sure to stay tuned for updates early in 2019!

I’d definitely recommend holding off until then so that you don’t have to go the manual route if possible. Variants make life much easier :smile::webflow_heart:


Couldn’t agree more @Waldo.

Wait if you can! My workaround is a pain.