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Product options/variants not overriding inventory/quantity of primary product

Hi there!

Is there any way of having product variants that don’t override the inventory/quantity tracking of the primary product?

I’m trying to set up a store that sells art limited edition prints (100 prints for each design). Those prints always come framed. The thing is there are 3 types of frames buyers are able to choose from, wood, black and white. Is there any way of setting these frame variants as just an option selector that doesn’t affect inventory?

I would just need to have 100 prints in inventory and add the frame as just a personalization option instead of a variant.

I know I could choose 33, 33 and 34 and be manually adjusting those quantities but that would just be a workaround. It could work when there’s still a big number of art pieces left but when there are just a couple left it wouldn’t make sense and maybe make the store lose some sales.
I’ve also read that you could add the aditional information field and ask clients to write their preferences there but that’s very unintuitive, specially when severall artworks are bought in the same order.

I’ve tried searching in the forum and youtube but haven’t been able to find anything that could work. Anyone found a solution to a similar problem? I’d really apreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

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Please anyone? Nobody has had the same problem?

@PixelGeek I’d love to hear your take on this please.

I want this too! I assumed it had it for digital products

Having the same issue. I think this is going out of scope of the original design of boutique physical products. To get around this, I’m thinking of storing the inventory value outside of the platform and syncing.

Alternatively I’m thinking of creating separate products for the variants and then syncing the inventory (i.e. all have 100 => buy 1 => one has 99 => event triggers update all variants to 99)

Not quite sure yet, but I wish this was a native feature. I can think of several use cases such as the one you’ve described.

Yes, an inventory sync service would be an option here. This would allow each of the product variants to updated so the quantity would not need to manually adjusted between each item.