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Deleting a particular product variant/option for a product with more than 1 option

Take an example of a product that has two options - size and colour:

  • Sizes = small, medium and large
  • Coulors = blue, red and yellow

So we have 9 variants in total. For some products we don’t supply in size small and colour blue. It doesn’t appear in the product option editor that I can delete this particular variant (small, blue).

Is there something I am missing here or if not, is there a workaround to achieve this?

Same. Don’t see how I can delete a variant.

What we ended up doing was conditionally showing variants based on stock level. So if a variant was 0 it would be hidden.

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I think there really is no option delete a variant, very strange.

This is correct - you cannot delete a specific variant (a red, small shirt).

Do you think there is a reason for that or just a missing feature? It seems very strange. @dylang

Imagine I am selling a paint with 20 different color tones variants. After a while I decide no longer stocking one of the colors, permanently. I would have to delete the whole product and re-add it with remaining 19 color variants.

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Looks like the solution is to delete the option in variants and that will delete each variant set. See

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Appreciate this is an old thread, but I’ve just come across this. It took me a while to figure out but you can delete a single variant as @oceanandsnowdesign mentioned. Just to explain the solution:

  1. Go to the relevant product with the variant you want to delete
  2. Scroll down to the “Options” section, hover over the relevant “Option Set” and click the cog icon.
  3. You’ll now see the various options you’ve included in the set. Hover over the option you want to delete and click the arrow > “Delete Option”. Job done :+1:

how did you get the conditional to be based on the stock level? It only allows me to do conditional visibility when “name” “equals/does not equal” “x”. How did you set it to stock level?