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Remove Webflow from Code Feature


The removing of Webflow from exported code is a Pro feature, yet the JavaScript file is named Webflow. How is this considered true white labelling if I plan on sending my zipped code to a client? Why is the Webflow name still on what you claim is “white labelled” code?


As far as I know there isn’t any white labeling of Webflow code available. The most you can get out of the box is to remove the made in Webflow comments from the HTML.

Once you’ve exported the code you can change the names of the files and change there references in the HTML.

This is a Pro account feature.

It is different from the Whitelabel option per project, which costs an additional $5/$10 monthly. This removes or let you customize the frontend CMS Editor logo.

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I am a paying pro member and was surprised to find references to Webflow still technically in the code upon export (in the various references as noted by @AlexN). So my only option is to manually remove webflow and the references to achieve complete white labelled code?

Hey @ctrav, we’re working on a solution to rename webflow.js to yoursitesubdomain.js when whitelabeling is enabled to make this automatic.


The white label feature has to do with the CMS right? So why should it matter if webflow is in the js file if you are hosting it on webflow? You cannot export a CMS site so this seems a bit confusing.

Some people would like to whitelabel every aspect of our CMS.

@DFink, he meant it on the level of exporting his site out and for his client to use. And he expected that if he were to use white-labeling, he should not see “Webflow” anywhere in file names or in code.

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I can see why they expect that, especially it’s a paid add-on, or especially when they upgrade to Pro just for this.

@ctrav Webflow should now export the webflow.js file as yoursitename.js for sites that have code whitelabeling enabled. :smiley:


That is really awesome! Thanks for the great update.


Wow just now seeing this update. That’s magnificent. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

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There is confusion here because there are two different features.

CMS Editor Whitelabel

The Whitelabel term officially refers to the customization of the CMS Editor Branding, where your collaborators login to edit the content on your projects. This costs additional $5-10/mo on top of the hosting plan depending on the account type.

This feature is available to these users:

  • CMS hosting
  • Basic hosting

Remove Webflow from published/exported code

This is similar to Whitelabel, but we are not calling it Whitelabel to avoid confusion. Let’s call it a “Pro” option.

This feature is available to these users:

  • Professional plan
  • Team account
  • CMS hosting
  • Basic hosting