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How white is white-label on export in Pro?

Hi there,
sadly closed, which was the best tool to remove every Webflow tag, names and more from the exported Webflow-code.

So as I see there’s also a “white-label” option for Webflow-Pro customers on code-export.

My question now is: How much white-label this option is?

Does it really remove everything that hints to Webflow? Renaming .css-files, rename the links to, rename the Webflow-icon-font, remove… from staging, remove all tags from code?

Maybe someone can share a link to a self-hosted website, which was exported white-label from Webflow :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

No one uses pro with own hosting? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would reach out to the team at on this matter as they have created a tool that allows you to import your Webflow design into WordPress.

You should be able to answer your question by just using browser dev tools, where you could inspect the source, all related files, save them to a local drive.

CSS is easy, search and replace. Removing tags in the source is trivial; renaming elements is trivial, refactoring the Webflow.js would not be.

I am not clear on why this is even an issue. It’s almost like trying to hide you used Bootstrap if you did actually use it. I don’t hide stuff from clients, I simply let them know that leveraging tools that reduce my effort, while delivering the results you want, saves me time, which saves you money.


@WebDev_Brandon Definitely not. The last what I want is a WordPress website.

@webdev Nope, please read what I’ve asked for: I want to know how “clean” the export from an Webflow Pro Account is. Not how I can remove the stuff by myself. If I would know a website which is exported white-label from an Webflow Pro Account, I could look into it, but I don’t know anyone. So I decided to ask in this forum before I upgrade useless to a Pro-Account.

So again folks: Is there anybody who can answer my question or can show me an Pro-Account exported Webflow website (with white-label/remove tags option on)?

This is one. Enjoy. Teardown in 24 hours.

Nope its not… Again: Please read what I’ve asked for:

An webflow-exported website from an Webflow Pro(!) account, with “tag remove” and “white label” on in project setting.

Your example is full of Webflow-tags - it’s just a normal export what you did.

If you’ve a Webflow-Pro account, please go to project settings -> general -> webflow branding and turn of “Display Webflow branding in HTML” and export it again :slight_smile:

Sorry I wasted your time, gave you the normal one. This is what you want?


Back to the pool. Enjoy your research.

Great, thank you. That helps a lot!

As I see Webflow doesn’t remove enough for “white label”.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

@DeepShader, again back to what @webdev initially asked why are you removing all mentions of #Webflow?

Competitors and customers, which could come up with the idea to let an employee take over this task in the future (to save money - I saw this a few times).

Did you ever make use of the Pro plan? Also interested in the depth of the “white-labelling” provided.