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White labeling with Pro-plan

What can I white label?
“Pro accounts can add their own logo to Client Billing forms and the Editor. Pro accounts can also remove references to Webflow in the source code and form submission emails, and hide the Webflow badge from their staging website.”


“Pro accounts can also remove references to Webflow in the source code” makes me very curious.
Are pro accounts allowed to remove references of Webflow in the source code of exported sites, or is the feature mentioned limited to websites running on Webflow hosting?

From this post:

now when you enable whitelabeling for a site, your assets will live at a generic, unbranded URL (something like, instead of the Webflow branded URL from before).

You can also uncheck a webflow branded comment in the html and the stuff you mentioned! The naming schema of the Ix2 engine of classes for animations will probably still have a wf- appended, but it’s not written anywhere I think. If you worked with WF you will still be able to determine that it was build with webflow.

In-short then, with pro plan, you are able to remove any Webflow reference in exported code during export, possibly excluding animation classes?

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Not only via export, but with the hosted site too!

I’m not so sure about cms contents and its cdn, but I don’t see why that shouldn’t be also included.

I don’t think the custom JS engine will be changed, so you’d still have custom attributes on elements like data-w-id="XXX" and w-embed and things with a “w” in it.

It won’t be apparent unless you are familiar with WF and maybe services that have their business model revolve around detecting technologies used may detect it too

It might be worth upgrading to pro then!

Are you by any means a pro user yourself? If so, would you be willing to share and show the options for removing Webflow branding from the code export? Maybe by screen recording or screenshots.

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I definitely would! But I’m not :sweat_smile:

Let us hope some pro-user discovers this thread then. :grinning:

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