Search Console duplicate pages

Hello there,

I have an issue with the search console.

Every pages on my website is beeing duplicated between the url and the (see the image below).

On my webflow settings:

  • Canonical URL with the https://www. format
  • Subdomain indexing is disable
  • Sitemap is ok
  • Default domain is set with the www. format

How to fix that ?

Thanks a lot.

I can’t tell what report you’re looking at, but it does not appear to be the sitemap indexing page.
Most likely you have pages on your site or other sites which are linking to you without the www.

GSC will report them as it found the link, rather than as the page it was redirected to.

There is nothing you need to do, it’s just how the report works.

Thanks for the reply @memetican .

The report is on the GSC on the page section. Then on “page with redirection”

From your understanding, there is nothing wrong ?


Have you setup your GSC account as a domain property?
Generally that’s what you want.

If not, make sure the property you’ve setup is to
and not

Beyond that, you can check your site to make certain any static links are correctly formed. Usually you’d want relative links.

Other than that, Google has stated many times that redirects do not impact SEO- however I would still choose to minimize them for performance reasons.