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Redirect Whole Site to Webflow Site


I just upgraded and would like to Redirect some of my websites to my webflow addresses. This would be a “whole site” redirect and I want to make sure I don’t make any mistakes. I did do a help search but was confused by the redirect pages information.

In the past, since my sites are hosted by someone else, I would create the site on Webflow and then download the zip file and load to my host site. Now I understand I can redirect and save downloading and uploading every time I have to make a correction or add something.

Since I have never used this process before I need all of you bright and creative minds out there to tell me exactly how I need to type the addresses. The site I want to redirect is and the webflow site is the same name with the webflow extension .

Thanks so much,


Are you trying to just forward the domain name to your website? If so, you can do that through your domain registrar (like Godaddy) and just forward it.

Or if you are trying to attach your domain name directly to your webflow account, you can find instructions for that in your webflow account - site settings - hosting. You will need to make changes there and also with your domain name registrar.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Teresa - Pixel Panda

Hi Pixel Panda,

Thank you for your response to my redirect question.

No, it’s not the domain name I am concerned with. The website is hosted by Actually, I am not sure of the best option as I am just tired of downloading the Webflow file and uploading to Coffeecup every time I add or edit something. I had reviewed the “Hosting” section before I wrote my post but was unclear as to redirecting a whole site instead of separate pages or sections or folders. A redirect would preserve my search history in comparison to creating a new custom site right?

Thanks so much,
al - fordsvilleweb

If you want, feel free to call me - I think I would be able to help you better and be sure I’m giving you the best advice.

My phone number is on my website which you can find by clicking on my avatar. (sorry don’t want to post it here because of spam bots.)

Teresa - Pixel Panda

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