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Migrating Existing Site to Webflow

Hello. I built our website some time ago using a different piece of software and we have used the same host for 5 years. I would like to re-build the site in Webflow it is essential that we can keep our domain name and I do not want the move to effect our Google results, which are currently very good. I would appreciate any advice on the best way to re-launch in Web flow without compromising our internet presence.

Hi Roxzfr! You are able to rebuild your existing site and download all files in order to host them on your own server. This will not affect your domain, so that you can keep the domain you used for so long. You are also able to use Webflow’s hosting with your existing domain name (this costs about 5 $) and you can use the existing Google Analytics Code as well (there is an input field in your Webflow account).

Thank you Weinro. It sounds very straight forward.

Hi @Roxzfr, as @weinro so kindly pointed out, you can host your site in Webflow, here are some instructions:

and if you want to preserve your SEO link juice, you can setup old url paths on the old domain, to point to your new pages… this way, you can create new urls and point the old ones at the new ones :smile:

We are here in the Need Help pages also, in case you have questions or get stuck :slight_smile: For custom domain issues, you can reach us at We welcome you :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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