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301 Redirect folder wildcards

I’m trying to set up a redirect rule for urls that have been given out to be forwarded to another folder. But the problem is the urls that have been handed out look like this: I need them to redirect to

So I don’t know how to set up a wildcard rule for this so that I can still use other folders. I don’t want to set up redirects for each individual page because there are hundreds. Any ideas?

Have you reviewed the following article?

Yes I have thanks though @webdev I can’t quite find a solution there to this problem. Where I can probably set the wildcard at the root directory I feel like its going to capture even other folders instead of just singular slugs. Hopefully I’m making sense?

The question is if there is a pattern for the URL’s at the root that can be mapped. If there is, you can work with that. If the old url paths are all different then you have lots of individual entries to make.

If you could share a partial list, that would give me an opportunity to do more than shrug.

I don’t think there will be a pattern, its mostly one word slugs with some relation to the business’ name. A short list would be:
stolaf, rush, idsrush, talon, etcc, tryon, cms, cmsids

I think I may be left with a lot of entry work to do. Thank you for your help!

Hello…I DO have a set-pattern wildcard redirect I need to make. How would I do that? It would look like this:

/collective-design/* should redirect to /collective-source/*

Any help is appreciated!