Redirecting full path from subdomain?

Hey guys,

Trying to move our WP blog to Webflow! (And switching from subdomain to root domain)

I know I can’t access the .htaccess file for webflow hosting, so I’m curious if anybody has any creative ideas for how to forward a full URL path?

For example:
Redirect to:

It doesn’t seem to be something I can do with the 301 redirect in Webflow because we’re redirecting from a subdomain. (

Thanks for your input!


Hi @eric594

What you can do is:

  1. point your subdomain (CNAME) to
  2. add your subdomain to your custom domains list in Webflow
  3. Set your www domain as your default domain

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @PixelGeek - is this still the best method to do redirects from WordPress sites (or anything outside Webflow)?

If we follow your 3 steps above, do we then add redirects as we normally would within Webflow’s Project Settings > “Hosting” tab?

Is it also possible to redirect something like this?

Redirect to:

@eric594 - did you have success with this, and did you happen to keep notes on what you did? Thanks!

This is what we have planned:

Add 301 redirects from (blog.) > Blog in Webflow for all blog pages. (will forward once we point to

Awesome, thanks very much! Much appreciated @eric594

@PixelGeek - If we follow your 3 steps above, do we then add redirects as we normally would within Webflow’s Project Settings > “Hosting” tab?

Is it also possible to redirect something like this? (WordPress site)
Redirect to: (Webflow site)

Hi @dreweastmead,

Thanks for your post, there are a few steps here:

  1. first create a cname record in your dns settings to point the to
  2. Add the subdomain to the hosting tab of project settings (note that a site plan is required)
  3. setup a new redirect with the old path being /pagename and the new redirect to the page on the Webflow site you want to redirect to, that being for example /about or whatever other page you want.

If the page name in the old wordpress site has the same page slug like /about in the old site and /about in the new site project in Webflow, you do not need to create a redirect, it is automatic.

I hope this helps, let me know if any questions.

Thank you!! Appreciate the help!

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@cyberdave - sorry to bother you again. still having issues on this subdomain redirect.

  1. CNAME record pointing subdomain to = DONE
  2. add subdomain to hosting tab = done

should i add an A record to DNS???

Hi @dreweastmead, the A Record is only needed for the root domain, the research subdomain is setup on a cname record only pointed at

When setting the WWW domain as the default domain in Webflow the research subdomain will redirect to the WWW domain automatically.

I hope this helps.

Hey, thank you for you help here really appreciate.
I was wondering if this is possible: to

cname records have been set up and is the default domain.

Could i just 301 redirect old path: /* to the new path: /blog ?

Wouldn’t this redirect my home to intead?

*Is this redirect even possible?

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It seems there is a subtle distinction to what people are looking for here. I think example 3 is the issue and not fixable in Webflow at this time.

Example 1:
Can this subdomain:
Redirect to:
Can this be done…YES :green_circle:

Example 2:
Can this subdomain:
Redirect to:
Can this be done…YES :green_circle:

Example 3:
Can this subdomain:
Redirect to:
Can this be done…NO :red_circle:

It looks like many people want to route that example 3 subdomain to a subfolder in a new domain, not to the root. Without access to Htacces in Webflow, doing a Subdomain to Subdirectory 301 Redirect isn’t possible.

However, a workaround outside of webflow appears possible.
Meaning don’t add your “” domain to webflow, host it elsewhere and do the redirects there making them match the new blog posts in Webflow.

Google “Subdomain to Subdirectory 301 Redirect” and you’ll see lots of ways to do this. I may give it a shot myself though more cumbersome than having it all nice and tidy in Webflow.

If anyone has any other ideas, would love to hear them.



I have a question and I not sure of the answer. Here is my problem :

I currently have my blog Medium with the sub-domain

I’m switching to Webflow on a sub-domain

If I connect the domain on webflow with as default domain, can I do those redirections :

I am not sure I can redirect from a subdomain to a folder, I am wrong ?

If anyone has an idea to make it possible, could be nice :slight_smile:

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Hello @Tasos_Koutsofavas,

This is the exact problem I have, we would like to redirect to, and all the pages under to automatically (we’re migrating to Webflow from HS, and while we do that we are thinking to switch to

So, I was wondering if you were able to do that? If so, would you mind sharing how?

Much appreciated!

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Does anybody have any answers for this? I also have this problem

@flashsites thank you for answering!

Why exporting the site and hosting it somewhere else?

Currently, I have two webflow projects:

Project 1:
Project 2:

If I disconnect from project 2 and connect it to project 1 as a custom domain, while keeping the root domain as default, wouldn’t that work?

Yeah this is kind of annoying when migrating a WordPress blog from to in Webflow to have to add a 301 redirect for every post. :slightly_frowning_face:

And that just the blog home can’t redirect to Webflow’s is also a major deal breaker.

@evolross Both wildcard redirect, and the base-path redirect are possible, but you’ll need to do the redirection externally for now. I’ve used Firebase for redirection in the past, and it now supports wildcards in its JSON redirect config.

Netlify has a similar redirection capability, with some pretty cool perks like language-based redirection.

Both offer a free base plan.

If you want something with an easier UI and zero tech-wizardry, there are services for that too.

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Thanks for these. I remembered I already use AWS S3 for a lot of redirection and was able to get things working in that service. If anyone is curious about how to do this in AWS S3. It’s fairly technical FYI.

EDIT: This is also helpful for redirecting HTTP to HTTPS in AWS S3 redirects.