Redirecting a root domain to new root domain but not redirecting the paths

Hi everyone,

I have a website I’m working on for a sports club.

They have a website built on a sports software / web builder and are starting the switch.

The home page is the first and most important. Their current home page has broken links everywhere and they want it replaced ASAP. The whole site will take a couple of weeks at least while the home page could be close to instant.

So - my question is this:
If the original site is hosted on domain1, and the new home page will be hosted on domain2. How would I redirect the domain1 root domain to domain2 root domain, while keeping all of domain1’s paths and not redirecting them to anywhere.

Think, while

All the pages/paths on domain1 need to remain, but just want to remake the home page on domain2 while I build and transfer the rest of the site.

Thank you!

I typically use Cloudflare DNS and page rules for this. If the DNS for is there, it’s easy to redirect specific paths to your webflow site.

Check your current DNS capabilities as it might have path-specific redirects as well.

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Okay great! Thank you.

So I need to go into the domain1 DNS settings to look for path-specific-redirects?

If that’s your DNS provider for domain1 then yes.
However it’s unlikely that it will support redirects in the way that Cloudflare’s proxy can. Most DNS providers have a domain redirect feature but not a reliable path-specific one.