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Redirect pages to new CMS folder

Hello Webflow Nerds :slightly_smiling_face:

I have setup a CMS collection with a folder structure of: /areas-covered/example-page

We have pages that we need to follow the same folder structure but they are normal pages, not created within a CMS.

Is it possible to have these pages follow the same folder structure as the CMS?

Sitemap: https://www.iliketomoveitmoveit.co.uk/sitemap.xml

  1. You can see five pages with /areas/ structure
  2. We need those to follow the /areas-covered/ structure

Thank you in advance!

NO. Webflow does not allow page slugs to be children of a collection slug path.

If you are going to stay on Webflow hosting then lots of stuff is possible if you choose to go down an unsupported path of reverse proxy / web workers. If you have to ask then I suggest against doing it.

I recently had a project that required nested paths and complex path structures with variable templates. Looked at it opted to design the site in WF, deploy on a CMS that supported what I needed.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve decided to re-create the pages within the CMS :slight_smile: