Two level CMS template

Hi guys,

is it possible to have two (or more) levels of CMS Template Page? Not a static page with the collection.

1st level (CMS Template Page):
2nd level (CMS Template Page):

Not natively within Webflow, however this can be built using a reverse proxy setup.
If you’re interested, here’s a fluid paths solution I build often for clients.

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Maciej, you can create folders in pages settings while in designer mode and then nest collection template pages in those. Webflow allows creating multi levels using this method.

Simply create /program catalog (subdirectory) and nest CMS template in it. That’s the only way. Unfortunately there’s no way to next collections dynamically in each other. So while you can create /program folder, that cannot be created automatically based on CMS items (if you create such collection). Hope that makes sense. Let me know, I can explain this in DM :wink:

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Yeah reverse proxy is another method but requires custom setup (Cloudflare Workers for instance). Finsweet has a few livestreams with that topic covered.