Redirect won't work with .htm extension

I’ve been experimenting with redirects and am having no luck, but one reason is that I discovered that if the source url has an .htm extension then the redirect doesn’t work. For example if I have a source page called /somepage and direct it to /anotherpage and there is a page called anotherpage in webflow, then I can type and it will open up in webflow. However if I create a source page called /somepage.htm and direct it to /anotherpage then it goes 404.

Also still can’t seem to direct to a home page since the destination can’t be just a / but has to have letters after it. I have tried every combination of source and destination page I can think of and just cannot get any kind of redirection to work other than the simple example I gave above. Since all my source pages have the htm extension I can’t re-direct anything at the moment. Thanks.

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