Now hosting on webflow but pages not working - 404 hell

So I love Webflow and wanted to move a site I have to it - easy. Except none of my links work from the browser, I get a 404 error.

So I find out why and realise my OLD site had .html at the end of it, but Webflow doesn’t use this. I’ve tried creating 301 redirects but fail miserably.


OLD - www.mysite.html
NEW - www.mysite

And before you say I’ve looked around the forums but don’t understand the answers given. I’m used to .htaccess redirects.

I’ve tried contacting Webflow (twice) and no one is getting back to me. I’m getting desperate now as it’s a selling site and I’ve had to put a link on the 404 page to take people to the website - but it doesn’t look brilliant like this. I’ve looked at the Wildcard redirect, but really don’t understand this.

Hope someone can help

You’ll need to set up a redirect for each old page you want to “map” to a page on the new site.

Hi thanks for the reply.
I’ve tried this (many combinations) and it won’t work. Just can’t see where I’m going wrong.

An example:


REDIRECTED TO PATH (tried the following combinations

But none work :frowning:

After each change you’ll need to republish your site as well for changes to take effect.

Yeah I was already doing that.

Found the answer, it was the redirect. It wouldn’t let me put the whole domain in to redirect (event hough the notes say you can) but just to add sub folders only and it worked. Note to self people