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Webpages using .html or .htm result in 404 Page not found

Recently migrated website to Webflow hosting using the custom domain. The site looks great on all devices, but I am finding the pages result in a ‘404 - Page not found’ if .html or .htm is added to a page name.

Examples: works fine but or both result in '404 - Page not found. works fine but or both result in '404 - Page not found.

All webpages work the same and have the same issue.

I don’t believe Webflow ever uses the .html/.htm extension and if your previous site didn’t use them, there’s no issue or difference SEO wise.

If your previous site used the .html/.htm extensions, you’ll want to 301 redirect whichever extension was used to the new pages. You should be able to use the wildcard feature as to not have to setup a redirect for every single page.

Something along these lines (note: I have not tested this myself:

etc for as ‘deep’ as your site went.

I was also thinking a 301 redirect wildcard might solve the issues but using from: /(.).html to: /(.). had no effect. Does anyone know of an .html redirect wildcard which will work?

Hi @jetski777 and @​kragit excellent questions!

You can actually setup a wildcard redirect for those extensions.

Here’s what that would look like exactly:

/(.*).html would point to /%1

/(.*).htm would also point to /%1

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any other questions :smiley:

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Thank you very much, this solved the .html and .htm issues with the webpage. You may want to revise the help document at as it does not explain the usage of /%1 that is used in the help article.

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