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New website same URL, site swap end up with "redirected you too many times"

Hi Webflow forum,

I have created a new website for a client who already had a website. He insisted to keep his old URL because of the good ranking.

After finishing the website I went through the whole procedure of connecting the website to the new providers DNS. After that the old website stoped working and every time I’m publishing the new website from Webflow the error window comes up with "Your page isn’t working! ……redirected you too many times"

Do I need to ask my client to unpublish his old website from the software where he did it or is it possible to just overwrite the old one with the new one.

It’s very urgent!!

I was trying to use the 301 but because the URL is identical it was not really working.

You have to be sure that the www domain in webflow is set to default

Don’t forget to republish your site

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Thank you so much @JanneWassberg it worked!!