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301 redirects moving to webflow

A client has an old website built and hosted on moonfruit, question is if I create a website, to replace that one, with webflow will the 301 redirect function work? Not sure if the redirect is purely for sites already on webflow but the url has changed. The site has a decent amount of traffic and the client doesn’t want this disrupted if the move over to webflow


Hey @RoseWebStudio,

You can use the 301 to redirect old links on the clients website. For example if their was changed now to /work you can redirect that in those settings. Unfortuantely no bulk upload atm, so you will manually need to work out all links that will be dead and apply redirects.

If you have links that you want blocked for SEO purposes you can use the robots.txt to block all pages within a path example - /news/item

I’d suggest adding all links / pages to a spreadsheet and make sure you have all redirects covered before swapping over.

Thank you…it’s a fairly small site so shouldn’t take me long to knock up a spreadsheet with the old urls. Thank goodness the 301 in webflow will work, new client will be happy :slight_smile: thanks again

Keep in mind webflow redirect are only for relative URLs:

/about to to => /about-me

For “entire site URL” you should use the domain setting. Add the old and the new and set the “new” as default (Read below why it’s really “risky”):

how long

Anyway, you should keep your “old-site” until google re-scan/index your “new” site (In other words - “do not close the old account under moonfruit -or- stop paying for the old-domain” until this idea is done).

Step by Step

Also, google advice is first to start with a small part of your site - and test if everything is ok (Do not do 301 for the entire site in “one time”).


Old site:
Redirect to new site:
If under webflow you don’t create a page with such slug you get 404 (page not found). Sound simple but for CMS posts and category pages and so on its not so simple.


This is little tricky - sometimes the redirect should be in your “old” CMS - docs her:

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Thanks, great advise. Wish me luck