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Direct traffic from an external URL to NEW url in webflow

Hi, Im looking to set up a new website in Webflow for a client but I need to work out how to direct traffic from their old website.

The old site uses an old url ( and is built in GoDaddy I believe.
The new site will use a new different url ( and will be built in Webflow.

Im assuming this would be custom code, does anyone know how this might be achieved?


Hey Derek,

If you will follow the same url layout with the Webflow site as the old domain, the you can just forward the whole domain using wildcards for the paths. Go Daddy allows you to do that;

Bonus: You can also learn how to forward the same in Webflow for future references.

Hi @AlexManyeki thanks.

So my client wants to change to a new domain name entirely with new structure (not transfer an existing domain from GoDaddy), and I cant see in the 301 redirect section where I can redirect a complete domain from external source to a NEW one hosted in webflow.

Would that be correct?

This needs to happen in the Go Daddy admin panel and not in Webflow using the steps outlined here.

We wont be transferring the old domain. That remains in GoDaddy and provides permanent (301) redirects to the new domain in Webflow.

Aah brilliant, I will give this a go. Thanks @AlexManyeki for your help.

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