Redirect from old domain to new domain with both domains in the project

I am migrating my website from wordpress to webflow and also updating from a to I need to set up 301 redirects from the old pages (ex: to The website is complete and the .com is pointing webslow. Can i also point the .io site to webflow (within the same project) and use a 301 to redirect to the new site? It seems you can only redirect the URI not the full URL?

A = old site, B = new site.

If the sitemaps for A and B are identical, you can just put both domains on Webflow and set your preferred as primary. The other will redirect all paths automatically.

If A is a superset of B, in which it has some paths that only existed on A and now have new paths on B, you can put both domains on B and then just 301 those extra paths with zero conflicts.

If A and B overlap such that A/something and B/something both exist but are unrelated pages that both need to exist ( one of them being relocated ). then you need to do your redirects externally to Webflow. This way A/whatever is uniquely identifiable and can be handled differently from request to B/whatever.

Super helpful - thank you!!

Yep, you can set up 301 redirects from your old WordPress site to the new Webflow one, even if both are in the same project. Just map the old URLs to the new ones in Webflow’s settings.