How to update to updated site with new domain?

I’ve redesigned a site for a client whose old website is also on Webflow. I’ve transferred domains across to updated sites a few times in the past with no problems, but this client is moving from a .io to a .com domain at the same time and I just have a couple of questions on making sure the transfer goes smoothly!

Is the best way to approach this to launch the new site with the .com domain. Then remove the .io domain from the old site and add it to the new site, but keep the .com as the default domain name. Then set up 301 redirects on the new site, ignoring the .com/.io.

So with both domains on the same site, am I right in thinking I can just set up a redirect for /old-path to /new-path, even though the old path would have been .io/old-path and the new one will be .com/new-path?

Any advice would be really appreciated!

Yes that’s correct. Effectively you’ll have only one site.
By making your .com the primary domain, requests to .io will be redirected anyway.

From a path perspective anything you put in your redirects will be 301’d to your new page on the .com site, regardless of where the request was aimed, e.g.

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