Redirect all subroutes

I’m trying to redirect a route so all subroutes go to the home page. At the moment it doesn’t work.

Example of the URL is /user-invite/2vierj349, or /user-invite/trtge63

Now, how do I make these URLs which can be dynamic go to / ?

Hey @OllyD, you can use webflow’s internal redirect for this. and I believe to redirect a whole group it’ll be (.*)

/user-invite/(.*) -> /

I tried that, published, waited, didn’t work.

I mightve made a mistake. Try using just /user-invite -> /

That worked for me

I tried that also, didn’t work.

You have to escape the hypen like so: /user%-invite/(.*) -> /

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Thanks that’s working great, how did you learn this, it’s not mentioned anywhere?

Actually it is mentioned in this university article.