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Trouble with linking from subpage to sections of homepage

I’m in struggle with the Navigation of my site.

So far I build a "home"page and a subpage named “small package”.

I build a navigation on the homepage. Every Nav link redirects to a section on this homepage and that’s fine.
I’d like to have the same Navigation on my subpage. Of course it’s there, but I’m not able to set the links!? It should redirect from the subpage to the section of the homepage i chose. I’ve tried different settings, but didn’t find a solution. Is it right, that I have no possibilty to choose a page section that redirects to a section of the homepage?

I’ve tried this:

And got this:

What’s wrong?


Click on this to link to section you’ve defined.

it doesn’t work… because it shows the sections of the subpage. but it should redirect to a section of the homepage.

Sorry yes you’re right I’ve been to quick. You need to write the url as it appears when it’s published, starting with http://…, the complete url followed by your #uniqueID tag.

Also make sure you put unique IDS on sections under the body. It works less good on inner element (although it should work too)

I thought hosting http// … webflow.COM doesn exist anymore. Now all webflow hosted sites are http// …

Try to put there full address link.

I hoped there would be a better way. Because this way, I’ve got no possibility to see it as/in preview, right?! I have to publish my site und then I have to set all links (will be more than one subpage)?

You have all the information you need to set the links before publishing.
In the external link section of the setting panel you will put your URL followed by the section ID (which you create like normal) it looks like this.

If you want to create a link from an internal page to a section in an internal page your url will look like this.

you can find the slug of the page in the setting for the page.


Hi @Frau_Nett, Webflow uses cruftless links (links without the .html as part of the url). You can link to your page sections like this:


If you are exporting sites to a server that is does not have support or is not configured for cruftless links, then use this format:

Does this help? cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

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