Redesigning an existing hosted website on Webflow

I’m looking to redesign an existing website hosted on webflow CMS and wondering what’s the best way forward:

  1. Whether to duplicate the website and redesign this. Once complete, change / move the hosting to the newly redesigned website if this is possible? (This would be my prefered option).
  2. Or work on the current live site and create seperate pages but I will end up having conflicts with CSS styles and it will create more work as I’d rather change existing CSS and not create new CSS styles. (The new design is also about having a rebrand on their brand colours, so changes on this would affect the live site).

Appreciate any effective solutions to this?

Just found the best solution:

Duplicate the current live site and work on that for the redesign.

Once complete you can transfer the existing hosting to the new site: Transfer hosting

Hi Marnix - Yes, the best solution is to:

  1. Duplicate existing site (keeping current site live).
  2. Perform redesign on the duplicate.
  3. If any content changes are required during the redesign period, make these to live site and duplicate site.
  4. When ready to go live, transfer hosting to the duplicate and publish. The duplicate then becomes the new live site.
  5. Retain the original live site as an archive.