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Website re-design from scratch: Best practice for smooth transition?

Hi! We are about to do a revamp of our entire website. New colors, new design, assets, fonts - everything. We still need to push updates/publish almost every day, so its not ideal to have it in a test environment ( until it is done, since it will start to populate the site. We also want to use the same directories as today.

So to my questions: What is the best practice to do a smooth transition for a new site?

  • Should we start a new Webflow project, and then connect domain to that adress? Or will this affect SEO, or does that live in the domain anyways?
  • Should we design it in a different project, and then copy/paste into our current project? I’m a bit scared this is not ideal since I’ve noticed copy pasting between projects.

What would you do? Thanks!

Hi - Duplicate your original site, then undertake your re-design on the duplicate version. Any content changes in the interim can be made to both your live site, and duplicate site. Then when the duplicate version is ready to go live, unpublish your live site and publish your duplicate - which will become the new live site. Set up any 301s as required, and perhaps contact Webflow Support if there is crossover with your hosting - they may be able to provide you with credit. Hope this helps!

Thank you for you respons! Ok – any reason I should duplicate the website instead of starting a new project? I will actually start everything from scratch – won’t reuse any code or resources :slight_smile:

If it is a totally new site there is no need for duplication, just set up as a new project and add any 301s as needed.