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How to redesign existing website with Webflow?

So my client’s website was couple of years ago on HTML/CSS. It definitely needs a redesign and I want to do that on Webflow. How can I design everything with Webflow but host it on the existing website domain? I don’t want it to be a sub-domain. Just the same URL address. Instead of the old HTML/CSS website, it’ll be the Webflow website.

I only have a week’s experience doing HTML/CSS which is why I’m planning on doing it on webflow.

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You have a couple of options. If you don’t plan to use the Webflow CMS (for dynamic content) then simply design the site in Webflow, export the code and FTP to your existing host. Or, if you prefer to have some dynamic content (or simply prefer the connivence of hosting directly with Webflow anyway) then design it in Webflow and purchase a hosting package. Then its just a matter of linking your Webflow hosting up to your domain name, which is dead easy :slight_smile:

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My client would like to use the CMS to later maybe add/change some content. So the latter option seems to be better. But to link the Webflow to an existing domain name and automatically replacing it is easy?

Hi @Deependu_Ajish,

Yes very straight forward to do. Webflow makes technical thing very easy.

Webflow provides many learning resources within ‘Webflow University’ that is very helpful.

Here is a link to a Webflow University tutorial on setting a custom domain for your webflow created website:


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I have same problem but I don’t understand. I want to export Webflow site code, and connect to my client’s existing domain and hosting services. So in short, I want to replace the old site code files with the exported webflow code. How do I do this?

Hi @theoderic,

(This answer is assuming the current site is a ‘Static’ site, i.e.: not a cms site like Wordpress)

the process is quite straightforward, however, may vary depending on your hosting provider and how you access/upload the HTML/CSS/JS files.

Once you have successfully exported the website code from Webflow (and downloaded it to your computer), you will need to uncompress all the files (as it will be downloaded as a ‘zip’ file from Webflow)

Once you have the uncompressed files all you need to do is access where your current HTML/CSS/JS files are located and replace them with the new files (from Webflow)

Please make sure you keep a backup copy of the existing website files before replacing them (in case you encounter any issues)

Hope that helps

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Idk how to redesign it with Webflow, and that’s why I will recommend you ask for the help of some specialist. Yes, it costs but it is worth the money. I had an old website. It looked suitable for those years but not for now. I saw that nobody navigated through my website for a while, and I chose to redesign it. I asked for the help of a company that does website design for flooring companies, and they helped me a lot, coming to a fantastic result. Because they have new and modernized techniques, my website looks completely different and very comfortable. So, don’t hesitate to ask for the help of a specialist.

@Emberok - Head over to the Webflow University and start learning. If you want to build a house, you need to learn how to use the tools needed to do it. Same goes for building a site.

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