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Redesigned website made with webflow

Hello Webflow community!

Thank you for the excellent feedback on our previous post.
We’ve made lots of changes, so please feel free to check out our new site! and as always feedback is always appreciated!

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great job!

two things though:

1 - your footer is looking a bit off
2 - you have an iframe for your form at the bottom. Why not, instead open that up in a modal so you don’t get 2 scrollbars?

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Nice work… Section backgroud pics make reading of the text confusing since the pictures also contain text which are not faded.

@PixelGeek Thanks for the feedback! yes we will be making that adjustment with the scroll bar. We were soo excited to share our latest creation that we published it as-is. We will be fixing up the footer though!

talk soon!


@dannesh Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into it. :smile: