My new Website (in progress)

Hello everyone,

i just rebuilt my website with webflow.
It is still work in progress but i would really love to hear your feedback.



Wow, nice work @rotter_daniel! Clean design, cool interactions.
I like the transitions on the backgrounds and the build on load.

The only thing I noticed that seemed a little odd was a horizontal scroll bar just below the instagram section that is visible when the dark background debuilds. (see attached.)

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hey @Chavilah,
thank you for your feedback and bugreport!

i had those horizontal-scrolling errors before…
always a little problem with “full-width-triangles” :smiley:

should be fixed now.

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Great job indeed on your website!
Love those interactions. They are fantastic.

Keep building great projects!

All the best,
Anna K

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WHOA!!! Background scroll interactions! :heart:

love it