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Fresh New Website

Hey guys! Check out my re-branded site! I’ll be tweaking it but your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Have a great day!

Luis Leon

Nice !

What did you use for your form? It works very well.

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Nicely done! You are missing ease hover on first button’s hover, was that the intention?

+I would like to know more about the form in the bottom, it is amazing :wink:

Im going to take a guess and say Typeform

Very nice service apparently… thanks

Thanks for the compliments buddy! I actually use Typeform. Yes. I’ll be making that update tonight with the button. It was intentional. :slight_smile:

thats gotta be type form. looks just like it.

EDIT: it’s typeform. he’s using the Pro package as well. $299 for a websites - is that the going rate now ?

It’s like the 5 dollars logo. If you want the vector or hires output, it shifts to 80, etc. : )

It is Typeform. Yup. That’s the going rate for a limited time. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!


Luis Leon

The $299 promotion includes mostly everything you require in a website. However, if a logo & content needs to be created, then that’s additional. I can assist in CREATING your brand. :slight_smile:

Hmm the very first gradient on the page and the very last one are very close to one I am using extensively on my own client project that’s almost done, but I guess I’ll let it slide… ( totally joking man!! :slight_smile: )

For real though, love the use of gradients (they’re hard to get just right, aren’t they!) and the minimal style throughout - also awesome typeform at the end of the site.

Nice work!

@jaidenraleach lol!!! Good one! Thank you so much for the compliments. They are definitely a challenge. Only a Brand Ninja can take it head on! lol Yes, everyone seems to be fond of Typeform :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Hehehe how true that is! Yup, it’s an amazing service.