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New website using webflow

Hey Webflow community!

I recently launched a new website using webflow! Check it out! Feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile:


Nice one :slight_smile: I have only troubles with the Close to home section. Text is hardly readable. Maybe try with the bold font-weight. Beside that, I really like the site :slight_smile: You might also make the slider to auto play.

I agree, very nice but the text has to be readable, maybe add a background color with some transparency and some padding. Also upping the font to something like 16-18px is nice too.

Maybe something like

Or make something like a fence or wooden plansk using CSS or as an image and show text on it :slight_smile:

@pingram3541 @bartekkustra Thanks for the feedback! I originally presented that idea (multicolored columns). But the client wasn’t too thrilled.

I just made that change but in a light tan version (Client Approved) :smiley:

Thanks again!
(Please make sure to give feedback on my latest project) :smile:

enter link description here

That’s much better :slight_smile:
I went onto the Webstrike page which I really like. There is one bug (or not?) within Contact section.

I think there are 2 icons missing. Also I can hover over those empty spots and I see text appearing (Webstrike official, hiwebstrike). Take a look at it :slight_smile:

@artekkustra Hey! Which browser are you using? Also I am updating the site with a new portfolio. :slight_smile:


Latest Safari, latest Google Chrome @OS X Mavericks