Redesign of portfolio

Hey there friends

Did a quick redesign of my portfolio.

Tried to keep it nice, clean and simple just showing some work I’ve done. I know from my own experience that I’ll look through sites like this rather quickly. Why not do it easy for people like me :grin:

There’s some more projects needed to get in there. The texts needs work and I’m sure there’s typos every where. I’ll have to look at them in the morning =D.

And if I know my self well enough I don’t think it will be long before I want to another redesign :grinning:

My place at Webflow

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Tried to edit previous post on phone, but didnt work.

I like the simplicity of the site alot (can only watch on phone for now), but I noticed it is hard to close the side menu on my phone. Will check the site closer when I got a pc here, just wanted to mention this!

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Hey thanks. Yes it only closes when you choose to click on a link. I’will fix that.

Edit: Fixed the menu problem on mobile. Used the navbar instead of my own solution :grin:

GREAT vector art! When I first saw the water drop, I thought, oh it’s just a photo.

Then I read “sketch” and I took a closer look and was blown away! :heart:

Also, your logo reminds me of something… :wink:

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About the logo, your not the first who makes that connection. Even though I love Star Wars I haven’t seen that before I made that logo. It also have som similarities to the peace logo. It’s crazy how many variations of my own logo I tried and sketched down.