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Redesigned my portfolio, again

Just want to say thanks to the Webflow community for giving me helpful feedback on my previous portfolio website.

Also, thanks to @Pixelgeek for the not so nice critique in a live workshop a few weeks ago… :wink: I acknowledged your feedback and added some personality to the hero section (whilst it’s not a photo of me, it’s 99.99% similar to how I look, from the side :stuck_out_tongue: )

View live: (proudly hosted on Webflow).

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Mobile looks great, simple, clean, and right to the point. Good job, great design! :sunglasses:

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Thank you @VladimirVitaliyevich :smiley: – I’m very fussy when designing for myself, so I’m glad I put a stop to the endless changes and finally launched it after 2 months.

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