Migrating from one Webflow site to another


The org I work for is launching a new website. Both its old and new sites were made in Webflow and both are CMS sites. My understanding is that I need to downgrade the old site from its CMS plan, and then add the old custom domain to the new site.

I have a couple of questions about the process:

Firstly, in downgrading the old site will I instantaneously lose all of the CMS collections and other benefits associated with the CMS plan? It isn’t a problem if so as all of the content has already been migrated to the new site, but it would be helpful to keep the old one around for reference just on the small offchance I missed anything. If I save a backup of the site in its current state will I still be able to preview it after downgrading?

Secondly, when I remove the custom domain from the old site and apply it to the new one, is there likely to be any kind of time delay or will it be fairly immediate? Hoping to reduce the timeframe where the website is completely down.

Any advice very much appreciated!


  1. Yes when you cancel/downgrade to the free plan the project will be there for you with all its previous content.
  2. I haven’t experienced any downtime when migrating a domain from a webflow site to another.

Note: I’d recommend that you unpublish your first site before downgrading and migrating the domain to the other project.

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