Recreating CMS on a static page or remove bindings

I bought a template but realised I wanted pages to be similar but different on each of my projects. I created the page on the read-only link below and then realised that it dropped much of the same content onto my other project pages.

I essentially want to either unbind these pages from being linked or recreate this as a static page, which I can then duplicate and modify without it affecting the other project pages.

I tried creating a symbol but this then duplicated a lot of my content within the same page.
Is it possible for me to keep the CMS page with the heading, but have all the content below change without affecting the other project pages? For example, maybe I would like to have the “designing for every rider” section only on that project page, but not any others…

Please can anyone help me with this? I feel like I just got started by almost finishing a complete project page and now I need to start completely all over again.

Here is my public share link:

Hello, let me explain a bit about CMS.
You can unlink any item from the CMS, but the main page (with static content) will replicate each item from the CMS and will only change dynamically the items you set linked to the CMS.

Hi Bimbi, I appreciate you replying to me.

I’m sure that a tutorial on webflow University is available somewhere, but I am really struggling to find how to ideally unlink everything from that page in the link, except the header, then recreate some elements of it in other pages. If you know where there is a video on this could you point me in the right direction please?

You can unlink items clicking that checkbox

Thank you. I already have these items unlinked. However, if I change the text on one page (Rio roller) and then go to the next project at the end of the page (Slamm Scooters) the text updates to the same. I can not seem to edit the content independently of each other.