Recover account

Hi! I have a problem my page at web flow!

A former collaborator changed the portal access email to his personal email, causing us to not be able to access our account.
support webflow responded to our email informing us that our account and content of the site involved would be suspended until the parties disputing ownership reach a resolution.

We have managed to reach an agreement (we have screenshots of the conversation via WhatsApp)

Within it are the company’s web pages, we urgently need to be able to control this access to avoid any event that generates problems at an operational level.

We have all the payments we have made, as well as the contact emails we have made providing all the information with you.

we really need to get our site back
Beforehand thank you very much

Can someone please help us out here

Hi LHSI, this is the community forum, only Webflow can help you, so contacting support was the right thing.

The only thing I can recommend at the community level is self-help;

  • Make sure you control your domain name
  • Backup the site content doing a direct site download if necessary, if that’s the only way you are able to protect your investment
  • Maintain a dialogue with support to make certain nothing is deleted, taken offline, etc.
  • Communicate everything to them
  • But, always, prepare for the worst- it’s your business.

If I had a client in your situation, I’d prepare an alternate hosting solution just in case everything falls over on the Webflow-hosted site.