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Gaining access to a Webflow website

Hi everyone,

So I’m actually investigating for a colleague who’s in a bit of trouble…

They had a website by some web-developers who have gone rogue and are refusing to give my colleague access to their website. Naturally, the business owners want to update the website but have no access whatsoever to the site.

I found out it was created in Webflow thanks to a bit of digging. This naturally excited me as I’ve used Webflow before, so have come straight to these forums. The website is:

They have full proof of domain ownership etc, they just need access to the website via Webflow so any edits can be made.

Is there any way they can be given access? As you can imagine, they really don’t want to go back to square one.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I would like to reiterate that the developers are not being compliant in the slightest, so please bear this in mind with any suggestions/answers you may present.

Appreciate any help on this one. Thank you,

I think you need to write support rather than here. In my opinion this is a complicated situation as WF wouldn’t just take someone’s project from them even when domain is owned by the second party - the project and domain are not the same.

Hi Dram,

I’ve contacted via support too. I just didn’t know if there was anyone with a similar experience or who has heard of a similar situation who might be able to hand some advice.

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The problem will be proving that you have the right to the site itself. You could imagine that in some cases unpaid balances or contractual issues could come into play. Not sure how Webflow could decipher that without the account holder transferring the site. You may be in a significant bind. Good luck.