Unable to access account email address

The person who setup our Webflow account no longer works for us so their email account has been closed… before anyone thought to update their email in Webflow :frowning:

As support emails go from this email (and responses go back there), is there any way I can speak with support to fix this?


If the mail domain was one you control just recreate the mail account and do a lost password process. If not, you will have to contact Webflow directly. The forum is not an official support channel.

Thanks. I’m now in touch with Webflow support but we still haven’t been able to fix the issue (no email change confirmation pop-up window or email to the new address). Just wondered if anyone here ever had a similar issue they were able to fix?


Hi @blinkertoon

I am preparing for a situation like this, were you able to solve this with Webflow support?

Similar situation, can someone help?