My emails have been disregarded, and I'm unable to access the Webflow account linked to my school email

I designed a webpage connected to my school account. However, since I’ve graduated, the school has reactivated the account, preventing me from logging in.

The domain still points to the page I made with my school account, and I’d like to incorporate it into my new webpage.

I’ve attempted to reach out to Webflow customer service for weeks, but all my emails have gone unanswered.

Is there a way to receive assistance with this? I don’t necessarily need to regain access to the account, but I’d like to use my old domain on my new site regardless.

Support seems to work on the basis of accounts, so I’d create a new account and select that one in the support request.

You’ll likely need to contact your school as well, they may have a way to assign / transfer your old account to you.

Thanks for the suggestions. This is the new account I created. I have already talked to my school, and they said they could not help.

You may be out of luck.
It would be hard for Webflow to verify you own those projects, and if your account was deleted that data may be gone anyway.

That’s poor school administration in my view, they should have at least warned you to transfer your projects if you want to keep them.

Perhaps… this is the final and best lesson from school so far…
Always back up. :wink: