Record label on Webflow Ecommerce

Just wondering if the Ecommerce setup would allow for a digital record label to send customers audio files, but also with the customizability of sending granular file types. For instance, a customer purchases 24 bit files instead of MP3s, and they receive a custom download link only for those specific files or the page simply updates with a link. Also could the files be zipped?

As for previewing the files, is there a customizable audio player that I could use with Webflow that could work alongside the Ecomm system?

There’s a few questions here, but I’m hoping Webflow Ecommerce can cover these kinds of cases and be a single solution which can expand to physical products alongside the digital ones in the future.

At this time Webflow cannot sell digital goods and something like that kind of database would be extremely hard to integrate with Webflow’s hosting. You are welcome to try to incorporate 3rd party hosting of audio files.

There is currently no audio file capability either. Some people have embedded 3rd party ones but they are a bit finicky.

Search the forums for audio player and you should find some examples.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

Hi @DFink.
Josh from Foxy here. What you’re after is 100% possible with Foxy + Webflow. You can learn more about our digital product functionality here and our seamless integration with Webflow here.

I’m more than happy to hop on a call to discuss your needs in more detail. Also, we can put together a proof of concept and walk you through everything. Just let us know.


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Definitely recommend Foxy. Josh is awesome as well and has helped me in a current implementation and it seems pretty sweet so far. For some reason it slipped my mind. Sorry Josh!!

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@DFink No worries at all :slight_smile:

Is this now possible with digital file download support?

Hi @aeko!

If i understand correctly from your original message, you want your customers to be able to choose not only the audio track, but also a specific format, pay just for it and receive just the appropriate files?

If so you could try using variants to provide different files and your customers should receive only the files for variants they’ve chosen to buy.

As for the audio player, i think you’ll need to use a custom code snippet to integrate it with your page. You’ll also need a separate source for these audio files shown on the page, as links from digital downloads are only accessible to users after a successful purchase, so that website visitors won’t be able to access your files without purchasing.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Thanks @maciejjasinski! I’ll look into those.