Is it possible to sell music in webflow?

hello , i would like to offer my music as digital albums on my coming webflow site.
is it possible to sell digital music on webflow?
how would the setup look like?

thank you. <3

yes 100% possible. the only worry of mine would be the security of that mp3 file as you may have to use an external site for the download, here is webflows own video on how this might be done: LINK

hmm got you. thanks nonetheless for the reply.
its sad that webflow hasnt offered a comprehensive solution for digital products yet, that is secure also.

but isn’t this the same problem on any digital file? if someone really wants to they will always find it for free i.e. youtube for mp3 files, the only way to overcome this is beyond any website but more licensing and enforcement of licensing that even small labels struggle with?