MP3 files for download?

Hi Guys. Newbie (to Webflow) here.

I have a client who requires a website that enables visitors to purchase via PayPal and download MP3 audio files (speech-based). Is this something that can be done using Webflow?

Or could I have the files hosted on SoundCloud and redirect to a URL after Paypal?

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Hello @RugbyWebDesign

Webflow is working on their own e-commerce platform but it’s not out yet, if you need something quick to implement I recommend to check @paywithplasso which I think could be a solution for you.

Let me know :wink:

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Thanks for the shout @aaronocampo :grinning:

Plasso would enable you’re client to sell their digital goods directly from their webflow site! Our platform is currently built on Stripe’s payment framework but will be launching PayPal by the end of the month.

Customers can access their digital goods two ways after purchase.

Through the Cart immediately after purchase:

And through the email receipt sent to them after the purchase:

You can also create free products too! We play nicely with Webflow and have a pretty helpful integration article here. Let us know if we can help!

PS: We just added a demo for this on our free cloneable Webflow template :wink: