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Re shuffling collections with buttons


Portfolio help! How do I make buttons that will reshuffle my work collections? For example, if I click residential, I want all my residential projects to float on top. The default state should be latest projects to oldest but if someone wants to find something specific they should be able to easily without going to a new page.

Is this too much information?

There are many more problems that need fixing… youre welcome to pitch in!

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Hi @Kra0,

You could use tabs to do so. Each tab containing a sort of filtered collection of your portfolio works. This way no need for a new page to be loaded.

If you need something more advanced you could have a look at some external plugin like isotope as it is not (yet) a Webflow feature.

You can find a very nice integration here

I hope this help


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Thanks so much! I will let you know which worked better!

I agree with @Maximosaurus that tabs will be a good way to do this. Just bear in mind for the future that you can only have 20 different collections on one page, so extensive filtering this way may not be possible, but I’ve only come close to that problem once.

Good luck!

@Maximosaurus @magicmark Do either of you know of a tutorial that will help me put my collection into each tab? Or do I have to start from scratch?

Hi @Kra0

It’s pretty straight forward, here’s a video which I hope helps.


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Amazing, thank so much! It took me under a minute after watching this. Also so much cringe to see this page on your screen! So much to fix! Thanks again!