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Buttons to filter collection lists :)

Hi all !

I am playing around with isotope… amazing how the user can filter / sort things out by clicking on buttons.

I know we can, through webflow designer interface, filter and sort collections lists out, but is it possible to “link” buttons to those actions so that the user can filter / sort collection lists directely on the website the same way he would with an “isotope setup” ?

Thank you so much for your help !

Isotope plugin:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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If you don’t want to use custom code, then you’ll have to manually set up different layers with each collection list in each layer having a different filter/sort, then use buttons to hide all other layers and only show the corresponding layer.

Or you can also use tabs.

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Hi @samliew,

Thank you, I’ve set up my layout with tabs and asked each tab to “filter” categories through the collection list filter features… pretty powerful :slight_smile: Only wished I had the nice isotope effect while filtering.

Thank you for the tip though !!

Sounds like a great solution to sort masonry grids. Thanks !

Hi @oliviermorisse,

You might be interested in this Isotope filter and search Webflow Project :slight_smile:

Haven’t used isotope sofar but that example looks super poweful.
Just have a look at his read-only link :wink:

Hope it helps !


Indeed, looks great, thank you Anthony.

Hi! Could you describe how to use buttons to hide other layers?
Or do you prefer the tabs solution anyways?

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