Portfolio select by category


I know this is a big ask but can someone please help me create a few buttons where i can sort the work by for example ‘all’ ‘web design’ ‘branding’ ‘animation’ ect… i have looked at plugins like isotope but cant get my head around it, especially for the grid system I use in my ‘work’ section.

big thanks!! :innocent::pray:


Search on the forum/google webflow mixitup (No way without custom code).
You find a lot of tutorials + clone able project related to this plugin (Minimal JS knowledge require).

I’ve found this sorter but cant seem to get it to work on mine! ive got it all set up but it doesnt sort the category



any help on this?

Please Add live url (no way to test custom code without)


able to get the ‘all’ button working but when I press another category all of them go!


I am on mobile. I guess your buttons selectors and cards doesn’t match.

I will take a look later.