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Cant link my collection page

Im watching on how to link my collection page but i can seem to do it

he is able to link his page with a button

and then there is my page

See the image below. I just checked your read-only link and the button is not nested in any collection list/item. You have to add a collection list to a page first. Then you will add collection items within it, for example blog post cards or what have you, styled the way you want. Then you can add buttons or links on each collection item and in the link settings in the right panel you will see a purple Page Icon and an option in there will be “Current Post” or “Current Work”. It will be related to that collection list. Hope this helps you. :grin:

Awesome thank you that worked!

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Also Im trying to figure out how i could make it that visiters could adjust filters to narrow search result on my website though the different collection items

kind of like this

Awesome, I’m glad!

As for the search options you could use this:

It’s exactly what you’re looking for plus a really cool isotope effect!