Feedback about the recent forum updates

Hey everyone :wave:

My name is Matthew, and I’m on the team here at Webflow. You may have noticed that we’ve begun work to improve the forum experience. Most notable so far are the changes to the landing page We’re not done improving things yet and desire to get direct feedback from you the members of this forum community.

We’ve put together a short survey to get your thoughts and impressions.

It would be great to hear directly from you and learn how we can improve this forum experience. Looking forward to connecting.


No permission to the form :roll_eyes:

I don’t mean to **** on your chips, but personally, I don’t see the point in the changes so far… There’s a prettier landing page to the topics, but you end up on the Discourse area anyway. I changed my bookmarks to point me directly at the Discourse subdomain to remove this step you introduced. I like landing straight at the ‘Latest’ view of the lot personally.

Let me know when you’ve sorted the form access and I’ll answer the specific questions you have :wink:


Hey @iratefox

Thanks for letting me know. I just fixed the permissions on the form. Please try again.

As for the subdomain, we know it is not optimal right now with the redirect and are working on a solution to fix this. Keep the feedback coming.


I have done it but I am asking my self why is this survey useful for something that will just turn on filter and redirect to another page that can be done on forum it self? What is innovative on this move? Is there better algorithm for search results or…? IMO it is just extra page that has no impact on UX and only adding extra step. So why survey for this?


I like the forum cover page. its easier to parse than the regular filter view. If you are a forum super user, you probably have no use for the introductory nature of the forum front page, so I’m sure the point is 't as obvious. But I’m new here, so it helps me.


Nice landing page~

But I think you should place a prominent button that jumps directly into

I feel lost, and it takes me a few clicks to visit the top page before I can start surfing and participating in the forum.

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I am also new to this forum, but it looks like a very helpful source!

What happened to the freelancer options, cant even filter for it any more!

Hey @matthewpmunger - agree with some of the other sentiments regarding the landing page. I think that acts well as a ‘help’ sort of setup, however for those who wish to help the community or learn from others, I feel it detracts from this.

That said, still great to see the forum as a useful tool (and apologies if this comes through too late!)


It’s never too late for constructive feedback. Thanks for chiming in and the comments make sense. We’re working on the next round of improvements and this feedback is definitely taken into consideration.


:white_check_mark: Completely agree with your point of view